Learn you the Node.js for much Win!

nodeschool is a P2P learning event

What - We're hosting a nodeschool.io workshop.

When - On April 1st, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Where - In the New Leaf Initiative co-working space.

Why - You can Node if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.

Who - We're just some Node enthusiasts and want to share the async love!


Space is limited, reserve your seat today.

What the h311 is Node?

FTA: Why use Node?

As Wikipedia states: “Node.js is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer, and a core library, which is itself primarily written in JavaScript.” Beyond that, it’s worth noting that Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, was aiming to create real-time websites with push capability, “inspired by applications like Gmail”. In Node.js, he gave developers a tool for working in the non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm.

Node Event Loop

Top 10 reasons to attend the workshop

10 You've been meaning to learn you some Node.js but haven't yet found the motivation to type npm install in your terminal.

9 You heard of this Node thing and its async utopia and want to find its flaws so you can feel good about using goto 10 in your code.

8 You have an upcoming hackathon and need a super quick rapid prototyping solution (skeleton code is available) for much win and less suck.

7 You develop with an ancient language like COBOL and wonder if there is anything out there that can beat your single-person-extreme-programming-in-punch-cards productivity.

6 JavaScript on the server? No f'n way. Way.

5 You speak in jQuery tongues and are all $( "#Local_JS_Users" ).find( ".Friends" );

4 Event Loops sound like Fruit Loops and those kick-ass.

3 For the glory.

2 There is no step 2.

1 Free pizza and high-fructose laced sugar-water.

What's the workshop like?

The Plan

  1. We'll be getting started at 5:00 PM and running until 10:00 PM (or until we get kicked out!).

  2. We'll spend the first half hour to an hour getting acquainted with Node, including installing and getting everything setup.

  3. Next, we'll spend an hour and a half running through the nodeschool.io choose-your-own-adventure style lessons.

  4. We'll take a break somewhere in the middle and demonstrate some cool things that people are doing with Node while eating some pizza and getting high on high-fructose corn syrup.

  5. Then we'll jump back into our lessons for an hour or so and finish up with some socializing and bar-tour planning.

What you should bring.

Here's the list of things you'll need to bring

  1. A laptop with wifi. Windows, Mac, or Linux will do.
  2. An appetite. Oh yes, you will accidentally all the pizza.
  3. You agree to follow the code of conduct found here, i.e., don't be a jerk.

Prior to the event, if you could install Node.js on your machine, that would be great. If not, no worries, we'll help you install it.

Visit: http://nodejs.org/download/ to get started.

We're looking for a few good humans.

If you've completed a few of the nodeschool.io lessons, or if you've got a little bit of Node experience, we could use your experience to help mentor our workshop attendees.

Why be a Mentor?

For the glory. Need we say more?

As a mentor, you will help aspiring Node.js neophytes become proficient enough to build the next $19 billion facebook assimilation target. Think of the praise and adoration from your friends and family!

Happy Valley NodeSchool Needs you!

See a recruiter today.

Much thanks to our friends!



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In the news

Here are some links to recent Node.js news on the intarwebs:

PayPal and Netflix cozy up to Node.js


Move over, Java. Node.js is coming through.

Node.js advocates at a recent event at PayPal's Silicon Valley offices told how they are moving over to Node.js, the server-side version of JavaScript, at Java's expense. In this case, major Web properties PayPal and Netflix are cozying up to Node.js.

Netflix is looking to move its website UI from Java to Node.js. "We're hoping to migrate all of that as soon as we can," said Alex Liu, a Node.js developer on the Netflix website team.